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Business Reporter

DW News

As a Business Reporter at Germany's international TV station DW, I'm often popping into the studio to explain the complexities of the corporate world.

Here's a typical example following Tesla's announcement that its fourth "Gigafactory" would be built near Berlin.

I'm also regularly making reports for DW News and DW Business.

This piece got more than 7 million views on Twitter alone.


Here's a video I produced for the BBC News website. I had the idea to revisit Charleroi in Belgium a decade after it was voted "the ugliest city in the world" by a Dutch newspaper.

The video was the most watched on the BBC News website on the day it was published and received a quarter of a million views. It also received a lot of coverage in the Belgian press and inspired a hashtag used by people in Charleroi to show off their city: #PasSiMoche (#NotSoUgly).

My colleague Bruno Boelpaep and I also produced versions for the BBC News app and Instagram.

"If You Were Me"

This is a video I shot and produced while creating a radio piece on the same story for BBC Radio 4.

I challenged myself to create an effective digital piece despite having only been commissioned to produce radio. I believe I succeeded; it made the BBC News "Most Watched" list on the day it was published.

If You Were Me video
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